The result? Stunning artistic vision, impressive execution and a whole lot of shredding. All footage is required to come from within 100 k.m. of Whistler, with 75% taking place on snow, and must contain 30 seconds of both park footage and in-bound Whistler Blackcomb terrain, making it a visual love letter to this inspiring world-class mountain destination.

Grab your tickets for this not-to-be-missed event and soak up all the action as film crews share their films with a packed house, and see who walks away with the grand prize. Plus, have your say alongside the 1400+ other attendees and cast your vote to award one lucky team the People’s Choice award.

Some shows may include adult humour and a small amount of profanity. Please attend at your own discretion.

Contest Rules and Regulations
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Los Amigos

Founded in 2016 by a group of roommates at UBC, determined to push the boundaries of what was possible inbounds at Whistler Blackcomb. Several years, and many expensive snowmobile/drone/gimbal purchases later, Los Amigos has evolved into more than just a couple of amigos filming each other on resort. For this year’s Intersection, Los Amigos has brought together some of the most talented local athletes in their respective fields. Paired with the creativity and experience of a team of UBC film students, we are confident in our ability to produce a truly unforgettable story for that goes beyond simply showcasing a high level of skiing.

Strictly Business

Strictly Business is a group of friends featuring the likes of Ethan Swadburg (Skier, DJ), Parker Norvell (Skier, Child of mother nature), Ben Smith (Skier, Retirement home real estate agent), and Andrew Mildenberger. (Camera pointer, Snack man) They take themselves very seriously and are definitely in skiing for the money. 

The Blondes

The Blondes are three, sometimes four or five ladies charging the backcountry. The main crew; Tonje Kvivik, Janelle Yip and Emily Childs. The crew was born in Revelstoke after some long fun unforgettable powder days.  Snowmobiles help us get out there and shred it, and we love every second of it. Back for a second helping of the this event, we will see what we can get up to this year. 

Big Brain

Big Brain media is a collaboration of the Brain Cage and Big Mountain media. Putting out the most extreme stunts and athletic feats of the modern era. You can find these athletes deep in the Whistler back country or  underground partying in Whistler. A team that will transcend human limits and defy what is physically possible. Get ready to have your Big Brain blown.


#Squad is a first time entry team but it certainly isn’t their first rodeo. Petr Basel is the principal cinematographer with several years of experience behind the lens shooting action sports.  Derek Tsui is brought on as the producer and creative director who’s assisting in all sorts of nonsense. Together, they rounded up a team of experienced riders who may or may not need any introduction; Jesse Millen, Tyler Ravelle, Jordan Ling, Evan Mcallister, Hannah Fraser, and Meredith Eades. With many more local cameos to come, this team is geared to show you how to have a good time in the mountains.

RagTag Films

Letting their filmmaking do the talking, this team of few words is keeping things mysterious with this bio:
“Having fun and doing what we love”
Fair enough


Suz Graham

Suz Graham is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, and has been in the Sea to Sky for about 6 years now. She comes from a decorated background as a professional big mountain freeskier and has claimed titles such as 1st place Red Bull Cold Rush, 1st place US Extreme Freeskiing Championships, and has appeared in film, print, and digital content throughout the freeskiing and action sports industry. She’s also involved in BASE jumping, wingsuit flying, and skydiving and for quite some time was the only woman in the world ski-BASE jumping. She’s co-produced two full seasons of an extreme-sports/travel TV show with her husband, Braden Dean, and been actively involved in media and content creation on both sides of the lens for many years.  

Rusty Okenden

Rusty Ockenden is a human being, with a face. In the winter he snowboards with The Manboys, and in the summer he toils for up to 2 hours a week in an office editing the newest Manboys series, of which there are many. Rusty and the Manboys are currently batting 50% on Transworld Snowboarding “Online Video Series of the Year” awards, but that will likely taper off now that Transworld Snowboarding does not exist.

Ben Webb

Ben Webb has been living in Whistler for the last 10 years and filming in the backcountry since 2012. He’s spent the last three seasons filming with The Manboys and was given a nod for his efforts from Transworld Snowboarding when the crew won Online Video Series of the Year in 2017. When he wasn’t being everyone’s favourite Manboy, Ben worked on the Full Moon project, produced and edited Eric Jackson’s Alignment and filmed with Kye Petersen for In Search. Of course, this all pales in comparison to winning Rookie of the Year in the 2011 B-Grade HorrorFest. 

Darren Rayner

We all that know that duct tape is a fix-all for nearly any problem – from leaky hoses, to ripped tents, to issues with your credit score. Well, Darren Rayner is to content what duct tape is to essentially any problem. Give Darren an objective, and he always finds a way accomplish it in the most unique, creative way possible… just like the way you somehow fixed that pipe under the sink with three rolls of duct tape.
Darren has turned his passion for content creation into a career – having been featured in numerous international film festivals, receiving awards from ESPN, IF3 and WSSF Intersection, and co-directing Magnetic, Whistler Blackcomb’s full-length ski and snowboard flick.

Jeff Schmuck

Hailing from just down the gridlock in the economically affordable oasis of Vancouver, the knitted ski sweater-loving Jeff Schmuck is the Editor of Forecast Ski Magazine, and is in the midst of raucously celebrating his 20th year in the ski industry. In addition to his duties at the helm of Canada’s premiere ski publication, he also serves as the Head Judge of the International Freeski Film Festival, along with X Games Real Ski, and has been an Intersection judge for the past six years.