Decoding a Winning Film

Shoot, edit and produce a three to five minute short film shot within 100km of Whistler in 72 hours?! Easy, said no one ever. This WSSF event showcases some of the hardest working and possibly kookiest – I mean you kind of have to be to sign up for this thing – people in the Sea to Sky region. But seriously, how do these people do this?! A logistical nightmare only a veteran can truly explain. We caught up with the 2017 Olympus 72HR Filmmaker Showdown winner, Charles Nasby to find out the nitty gritty on how he crafted his winning film.

Q: How did you prep for the 72 hours?

Past experiences filmmaking with our crew is key. We’re best friends and have done some film projects together before, but each time we’ve learned something new about each others style and execution. My brother (Boe Nasby) and I did an Instagram project in 2016 where we posted a video every week for the entire year (@nasbybrothervideos). That definitely trained us to work quick and efficiently. Knowing how each person on the team works in high-pressure situations is the key to not being surprised with any drama mid-shoot. 

Q: More method or madness in the 72 hours?

Pre-production is all method. Production and post is all madness. Hopefully you come out the other end with something you’re excited about, but don’t be surprised if it’s nothing close to what you’ve planned.

Q: What (aside from the tight timeline) was your biggest challenge?

Seeing the vision as a team. There are so many creative minds constantly developing the story and tweaking ideas as we go, so it can be challenging to get everyone on the same page before we execute. 

Q: What component was surprisingly easy or just came together for you?

Nothing really, ha, ha. It’s all a gamble.

Q: Best behind the scenes filming kooky moment?

Last year we found a tiny backyard cabin in Pemberton on AirBnB, I’d say 200 sq/ft. There was no plumbing so we had to use a freezing cold outhouse equipped with a dim battery powered reading light. For some reason we thought is was a smart idea to make one big batch of chili to feed four guys the whole weekend. Four grown men, one small cabin, one big batch of chili, you do the math.

Q: Same mentality going into this years competition?

We will be missing a key member, Ben Giesbrecht, this year (he’s going to a wedding but I’m gonna call him out anyways!) so it’s only going to be myself, Jordan Ettinger, and my brother Boe Nasby. Short handed but stoked!

We cannot wait to see what Charles and team cooks up for us this year on the big screen! Sang your tickets to this years 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown before it’s too late, and keep an eye on returning Petr Basel, Sang Woo Kim and first timer Hannah McArthur for some behind the scenes posts!

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