Behind the Scenes of Intersection 2018

Intersection, it’s a visual feast of skiing/snowboarding. Six selected film crews put their skills to the test as they work to create a judge and crowd pleaser of a video in a single week. The end result is a ski/snowboard film that’s 75% shot on snow, 30% shot in bounds or the terrain park of Whistler Blackcomb, all shot within 100km of Whistler and woos the watchers in 5-7 minutes.  We never know what these film crews will cook up despite all playing by the same rules, that’s the magic of Intersection.

We caught up with this years selected film crews for a little Q and A on their final days of filming and editing for a progress report. The answers vary and are quite entertaining, there’s a good chance these guys and gals haven’t eaten, slept or hydrated properly in the last week.

Q: What emotion are you trying to evoke with your film?

“The same emotions boarding and living in Whis bring you. We believe that boarding (skate, snow, surf, snowskate, wakeboard) should only be done for you. Boarding should be done for your enjoyment, well-being and because you want to, not because someone told you its exhilarating. Get out there, get out here, move to Whistler, make new friends, have a couple drinks, take a few tumbles, drop that cliff, jib that rail and have the time of your life while you do it. Bummers don’t last in the bubble.” Graydon Powell (Gradestone)

“Good times! I want to show how much fun we really have while getting out there.” Andrew Santos (Andrew Santos Media)

Q: How many forms of transportation did your team use this week?

“Driving the truck, sledding, hiking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, splitboarding, droning, even paragliding. This week pretty much included it all. We would need someone with a rocket wingsuit on the crew next time to top it off.” Ryan Kenny (RK Films)

Q: Is it shaping up anything like your original storyboard?

“Story board? No, we board.“ Graydon Powell (Gradestone)

Q: Biggest expense of the week?

A 2004 Skidoo summit lost it’s life 20km away from any civilization, and then we drank a lot of beer about it.” Alex Armstrong (Cariboo Blondes)

Q: More landings or more bails this week?

“Some GGW team members definitely spent some time involuntarily upside down, but for the most part everybody skied approximately the way they wanted to. ” Peter Wojnar (Gapers Gone Wild)

Q: What has been the biggest challenge for your team?

“Waking up in the morning.” Dylan Siggers (Burrlapz)

“Managing gas for the sleds, batteries and body temperature on our overnight stays in the backcountry definitely was a challenge. When you have only a week to film though, you can’t afford to wait for better weather or snow conditions – you have to work with what you get. This requires everyone on the team to be on point and 100% reliable. All I got to say is: they came through on this.” Ryan Kenny (RK Films)

‘”Our biggest challenge was actually the weather. And not because it was bad, but because it was really good! It was super hard staying in the valley and shooting the plot elements of our video while conditions were so great in the alpine. For the first few days of shooting, it was incredibly convenient and we were able to get the shots we wanted… but then when we had to edit the video, and conditions were still good, it was pretty hard not to just keep skiing!” Peter Wojnar (Gapers Gone Wild)

Q: Best surprise of the week?

“I feel like the best surprise is having it done. After a crazy week of filming and editing just having a vision come together so quickly is always surprise to me.” Andrew Santos (Andrew Santos Media)

Needless to say we’re now more curious than ever to see what these fine folks have for us at this years WSSF Intersection! See you there!


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