Please read all info before filling out submission form. 

DEADLINE for SUBMISSION FORM: 11:59pm March 1st, 2019.

There is no fee.

Location: Grand Foyer, Whistler Conference Centre
Gallery Hours: April 10-14, Noon-6pm everyday

Artist Set-Up: Tuesday April 9, Noon-8pm.
Artist Teardown: Sunday night April 14

If accepted….

GALLERY WALL (Grand Foyer, Whistler Conference Centre)
You will be designated an ~8ft x 8ft space to display your original art. A link to an inventory form will be sent to you to fill out.

GALLERY STORE (Grand Foyer, Whistler Conference Centre)
You will have the opportunity to sell items such as prints, postcards, magnets, etc.  Up to 3 different types of items (but unlimited quantities of those 3 items). You will be required to label each/every individual item with Artist Name and Price and an accompanying inventory sheet with list of 3 items and amounts of each.

You will have your own page in the online store (Shopify) that includes your Biography and shows all of your original pieces with their title, a thumbnail image and a description.  Shopify will also be used on-site to sell all artwork.

You are responsible for hanging your work on April 9th between Noon-8pm.

You are responsible for taking down your work on Sunday night April 14.

There will be an opportunity to paint live in the afternoon and at the evening events. 

Artist will receive 60% of sales.  40% to Gallery.


CHANGES from previous years…

-Art Gallery will stay up the entire length of Festival.  We are considering having an art sale/party on the final Sunday (which would not affect your commission).