Sunday, April 22 - 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Millenium Place

A Long Time Ago

(In a Ski Resort Far Far Away)

Returning to the stage for a one-night-only encore performance after 3 sold out shows.
The Chairlift Revue presents The Whistler Short Skirt Theatre Company's encore presentation of A Long Time Ago (In a Ski Resort Far, Far Away).
On the planet of Whistleria, trapped in an engagement to a flatulent cheesebag, Princess Orion (Megs McLean), is being tortured by royal duty. Our hero, plainspoken ski-limo pilot Fluke Artois (Shannon Hearn), is in love with the princess but must keep his feelings to himself, or the wedding planner, his very tall, very large footed, and very apple-necked mother (James Barrett), will be out of a job. Meanwhile, a DARK FORCE (Joanne VanEngelsdorp) has set his sights on the mountain planet and, together with members of the Wicked Order of Really Crazy Authoritarians, is determined to launch a campaign of terror on the winter oasis – but only the missing Silver Thermos of Seppo Thrash has the power to fuel the Evil Empire’s Evil plans for Evil domination. Will Whistleria be saved? Will Orion have to marry that gross Prince? Will the bad guys find Seppo’s Thermos, harness its power, and head straight for Whistleria, light swords blazing? Will they have to pay for parking when they get there?
Starring a melting pot of Whistler locos, A Long Time Ago (In a Ski Resort Far, Far Away) is the return of Short Skirt Theatre and the tongue-in-cheek, song-and-dance, fairy-tale comedy this community group is famous for. Directed by Heather Paul, this play also stars G.D. Maxwell, Angie Nolan, Stephanie Juniper, Greg Addicoat, Mike Wilson, Emily Wood, Lauren Mooney, and Karen Playfair.

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