Posted by Jess on Friday, April 22 - 6.33pm

VAIO Fashion Exposed represents!

Fashion shows are the stuff of Milan, London, Tokyo, and now…Whistler. However the runway will not be full of haute couture, but the latest wearable designs from West Coast designers we love. There are nine clothing brands being showcased on this years catwalk. Amongst them are a few of my favourites:

Sitka was born on the West Coast and understands that mountain wear needs to be able transition from the outdoors to hitting the town for après! So what can we expect to see on the catwalk?

“You'll see some bamboo and organic cotton fabrics, some of our classic cut hoodies and some new silhouettes. We've got a new line of denim, an expanded accessories line and everyone's favourite, the onesies. We collaborated with Gransfors Bruks Axes from Sweden to make a small forest axe, which you'll see with one of the men's outfits.” Mel Greene

Artist Shepherd Fairey started putting his art on t-shirts, and now this street style has turned into clothing brand OBEY. He is inspired by imagery from the skateboarding and rock/punk music cultures he has been exposed to. Independently owned, OBEY is known for its cool and cutting edge designs.

“I’m never relying on the demand for ‘what graphics worked before.’ I’m always making new art and I’ve always wanted that challenge of making new work that had a connection to the old work, but at the same time didn’t become stale.” Shepherd Fairey.

Personally it’s Gentle Fawn that I’ll be looking out for. Their unique designs and soft fabrics make them a comfy favourite. They have a distinctive feminine design, fusing classic design with a modern edge.

“In 2003 Gentle Fawn started out as a cute brand of hoodies and tees that was targeted toward the lifestyle market.  Over the past few seasons, Gentle Fawn has evolved with the demand into a more diverse fashion label and we are growing the number styles we design in the collection each season.”Daniel and Carla Hogg.   

A strong thread has started to emerge when I look a little closer at these brands. They all aspire to be unique, and appeal to people who follow their own paths. Skiing and snowboarding are often seen as ‘freedom’ sports, and the clothing has to match. Mountain lifestyle sometimes makes fashion a little difficult; stiletto heels are tough to pull off on snowy sidewalks. However these brands are breaching the gap, and tonight’s event shows us how – enjoy!

-Dee Raffo